I’m tired of being patient and keeping my mouth shut. Learn how to apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). hello, Maria, thank you for the info. We have bills to pay. and receive no pay. 1 thing I never see is anyone saying they have got through to a agent ever. This is really ABSURD that I have to even go through this for THIS LONG! When I tried to certify it told me that my certification could not be processed and I needed to call the reemployment call center – Which I have been trying to reach everyday this week. This has been a total nightmare (sh*tshow). No clue what else I can do besides keep calling until they close but at this point after reading so many posts I wonder if it’s just a waste of time. Btw, forget about getting through on the phone or getting a reply to your email. I filed 04/12. And if so pliz share with the any knowledge. That didn’t happen until 2 weeks ago. If your separation is temporary and was caused by the coronavirus emergency, please answer NO to this question. But the inconsistency really is affecting everybody! Please help me and let me know. To pursue further Finally, with the help of the office’s staffs I was reached my goal – call from Unemployment Call Center. Congress voted to pass another $3 trillion relief bill. PLEASE HELP. any work between the designated dates, answer YES and report what you He had all 5 weeks deposited today. That is illegal and if someone else in the same situation we literally can sue the state (NJDOL) because the LAW states: (I am qouting the PDF above which is a letter instruction all states to backdate claims of PUA). The certification questions and interpretations are as follows: Question 1 – Were you able and available for work? Finally, I when you go to the unemployment page and click “claim my weekly benefit” there is a page that pops up asking why/how your job was impacted. They should take care of the American people first. If you were able to get through, please share with me the information as i am in disparate need of my UI claim’s income. In addition to cash benefits, most unemployment agencies now offer job search services, such as employment fairs and websites, in addition to seminars on topics ranging from improving resumes and interviewing skills to … The state rebounded during World War II in the 1940s as New Jersey's electronics and chemical industries began large-scale operations. Had it would’ve been them or someone in their household. Can anyone give me answers? Come on. It shows me my benefits and what I should be receiving weekly but then it says $0 next to how much has been paid out. I haven’t worked since March 5th – so that was 2 months ago already. “If you did 4th time. Has this happened to anyone h. Yes it did that with me and my dumb@$$ didn’t research before filing the thing again. You know how infuriating this entire ordeal can be & an hoping you could help me resolve mine either with an accurate phone number or an email address that isn’t full… or something. After about 8 weeks of my status continously saying it was pending, last week, begininning May 24, I was finally able to claim for the first time. I exhausted my benefits. To determine when you should certify for benefits please visit: https://myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/schedule.shtml. N.Y. got an advocate to represent drivers with toll problems. By Phone - Certify for Benefits & Get Information. how can reach above mentioned agent. this past friday 5/9, he was able to go on at the alloted time. When I called back Tues. & entered my info it said I had to talk to a rep and actually put me thru to talk to an actual person. Saw your post last week and decided to give it a try since out of desperation I was calling on sundays and mondays to claim instead of my specific day and although I was able to answer the questions I couldn’t get through to anyone. I have not seen a penny. “Your Certification cannot be processed. My perfect credit score is now toast. NEED TO SUBMIT A NEW UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIM? Many claimants see these messages and aren't sure what, if anything, they need to do about them. @valeriekoob:disqus https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=0cN2UAI4n0uzauCkG9ZCp8zTKxTpe0RMmjY7qrMr_3BUOFlVUklYTzhDQjlWR0NaMVk1NjBQODJDWCQlQCN0PWcu i fill up this email form today hopefully get return message from DOL hopefully helps u also, no-reply@dol.nj.gov Keep trying.. you will eventually go thru. Everyday I try to claim and check my status. I’ve been waiting to get my pin since early April. And when I try to claim for the weeks I’ve been in limbo. This is so frustrating especially when that’s your only source of income with a family to feed. I’ve given up hope. To go through a teleprompter. It says I can file a claim next week. My claim status went from “pending” to “filed” with a WBR amount during the 6th week after I had submitted my UI claim online. Automated system inform you – “ Due to high volume of call waiting we cannot dont see a clear answer to this question unlike the other 6 questions they clearly explain either to select “yes” or “no”. Your claim indicates that you have returned to work. I’m getting very desperate and my thoughts are going into things that makes money illegally. -Read Full Disclaimer, "Where can I get my 1099-G tax form for 2020?". New jersey state if doing this with many claims can pocket Millions by not paying out individuals according to the correct day they stopped working but they pay them by the date they filled the application. Hi! This is completely not true. When you’re actually working. 🙁 Could you please pass along the email address they gave you to reach a human regarding unemployment issues? Answering the certifying questions incorrectly will delay payment of benefits. I successfully filled 1 weeks ago but when I tried days ago on Friday v is v when I encountered the message. I’ve been working my tail off over the past 8 years… after our last recession, life-altering changes and a stint on welfare. wow – keep checking everyday. Idk, sorry fur the long comment. I just received 9 weeks worth of back pay so if you’re owed it make sure to do it as asap because it won’t always be there. COVID-19 is scary but a month ago i realized that starving in my apartment and falling behind in rent are pushing me over the edge. I’m extremely frustrated and have maybe a week before I am completely depleted. Is there something I have to click on to get to the covid-19 questions? You want it to take you to the automated system to file weekly. it’s insane how long this is taking. all times I have received the same automatically generated replies with the But after that I worked for three weeks. i noticed you faced the same issue i am in, did they get to pay you later from the date you stopped working? both online and by phone and as sequence I’m not getting paid. I have poured into the system all my life and when I need help, I can’t even get a penny’s worth of help! thank you. Keep calling right back and you will get through. Yes I would rather work. I was on NBC 10 news in Philadelphia still nothing. Please read my comment under my post. Could you offer any insight or help to my situation please? NEED TO CERTIFY FOR BENEFITS? I’m in the same exact boat with you Sameerah. They’ll give you an email address to contact someone to help you. Trenton, NJ 08611 All One-Stop Career Center Services Are Now Virtual We look forward to offering you personalized virtual services while our One-Stop Career Centers are closed for in-person services due to COVID-19 response efforts. I had no idea there was an issue. Hello, I was hoping you could help me. But my landlord and energy company and cell phone carrier. They would speed up the process if they would talk to people. I applied and was told to certify online yesterday when I cerified for the 2 weeks available I followed the instructions to a tee but they still told me not payable at this time so if I answered the exact way they told me why is it wrong. i file a claim the end of april and have not receive a penny i cannot get in touch with any pl some one tell me what to do my name is derrick scott number 732-737-4749 i do not have any money and i do not know to get in touch with unemployment. Please someone Help me, I was approved for PUA, I certified this week and 2 previous week (completing the 7 questions each time) on my initial UI application which was denied ofcourse to be eligible for PUA, I clearly said my last day of employment was March 15th (BUT PUA certification only let me go back to the date I first filed which is May 31st not from the time I stopped work (that would have been March 15th). Everything you wrote happened exactly the same way for me. That’s excellent news!!! Family Leave During Unemployment P.O. I am a single foster/adopt parent and am in desperate need for my rightfully earned UI funds and have hit a roadblock! Minimize both screens right next to each other, side by side back at the next business day”. It is really frustrating when you are set up to receive benefits and you do, only to not get any more afterwards. Very grateful to you for sharing good information! which can easily remove existing glitch in automated system. And all agents are busy at this time call back the next business day. End of July, no more $600/ week federal payments… good luck. If you received I filed my claim on 3/22. And that was just certified on the 9th- so at least that was a quick process and you will be able to go in to certify each week – at some point – BUT as we can see, no one knows when. job loss, do I answer it as “No”? I have filed my Unemployment Claim on March 15, 2020. I’m beginning to panic. Please call your local Reemployment Call I also can call any reemployment center like the email told me as they are closed, This is truly a disaster thousands of NJ residents are suffering during ghtis world wide pandemic due to the complete neglect of local government. If 1 casino was open i would have already jumped and killed myself now. I am in the same boat. I have absolutely no idea how to resolve this and feel totally defeated. I filed for the week of 3/15. How long should our state be in a state of emergency? Unlike others who encountered this problem and were made right following a day after their initial deposit with an additional deposit making up the difference they were missing on top of having their weekly base rate amount fixed the following week, a week after my deposit of all back weeks, each were for the wrong amount and I never received another deposit making it right…. If you are a student who filed an Unemployment Insurance claim prior to this emergency, and have already provided the department with your school information, and your school is currently closed due to the coronavirus, please answer this question in the same manner (Yes or No) you would have prior to the school closing. My UI claim in 2019 was approved for a whole 5 months and now there is an issue when I need it in 2020! It listed my remaining balance & everything. EXTENSIONS OF UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Click here to find out if you qualify, and what action you may need to take. I was paid for all eligible weeks. I want to certify for and claim benefits. I live in Pennsylvania but I work in NJ. It listed my remaining balance & everything. Keep on keeping on, Gov Murphy. If we have your email address on file, we have sent you via email the information for your 1099-G for 2020. @sand@sandeebadhikari:disqus i got a re-assertion confirmation today i will try again tomorrow see what happen, Actually – to add to the comedy – I personally emailed NJ Insider how false this article was and to stop spreading these lies. Please monitor your email for communication from the Division of Unemployment Insurance. Thank you. Tried to certify during my timeslot, was able to set up a pin, and then got the same message as you – without ever getting to the questions. I should may be try early in the morning. Yesterday (June 6, 2020) I had phone call from Claims Examiner and I have answered all her questions. input $0.00 earned for last week at another page that maybe it directs you to Originally and for the longest time it was Pending — then finally it changed to filed but zero in the amount column. The entire article reads like an Onion piece. When i try to call and go through the claiming approach, the line automatically wants to take me to the automated filing. Happy End. The automated call response system hangs up on me every time I try to call. This is really going to impact lots of people towards them. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. If you’re in the same situation as me, after filling, an automated message will come up saying pretty much that you’re unable to successfully file at this time and you need to talk to a rep. for the office of the Attorney General. However, NJDOL sent me a written notice of eligibility for the extension. My claim is now over 7 weeks filed and I haven’t received anything. Mine has said filed since 3/20 and I can file every week but they haven’t paid me a cent! AND I just claimed again & its still displaying the wrong amount…..$16 per week looking at $160 I need to get…. “This is the process we are required to follow to protect claimants, protect our trust fund’s solvency and protect New Jersey businesses. Two weeks!! Thanking you in advance. When I claimed the questions concerning covid-19 job loss never came up I was only asked the regular unemployment questions. I live in New York so I don’t have a local New Jersey councilman I can cal to help. You can have your benefits deposited directly to your bank account, or loaded onto a prepaid Bank of America debit card. I Spoke to an agent on Thursday 4/23 and was told I would be paid for the 5 weeks owed to me previously On the following Monday and I could begin claiming. I filed my claim on 3/22. I pray every night just to get through to someone. I am also getting the same error “Certification cannot be processed”. claim. We can help if you're having trouble with your online account password and/or PIN to certify for weekly benefits. Has anyone tried taking this story to the media? You will receive credit for claiming MAKE SURE ALL OF YOU SAVE A COPY OF THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS TO SHOW WE ANSWERED #7 CORRECTLY, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CHANGED IT. NJDOL is most dumbest government I ever had to deal with. that information here.”. They are still receiving a paycheck we are not. I applied on 3/15 and have not received a farthing. I cant continue to suffer day after day, week after week, and month after month. I have filed for weekly benefits every week since and still no payment. Box 387 / Trenton, NJ 08625-0387 After Submitting Your Claim If you are eligible for Family Leave Insurance benefits but do not initially claim all 12 weeks of leave when filing, SINCE 03/01 I HAVE NOT EARNED MORE THAN $35/DA & I AM TRULY SUFFERING!!!!! It’s an effort in futility. This is ridiculous! Please, keep updating even if you get the benefit. I can NEVER get through and when I do it states to call back the next business day (when the business day just started) I have emailed them several times.. No reply.. Hello, I just posted this same reply on someone else’s comment and desperately need some help. holiday/vacation/sick pay from your employer during this week, report So for the past 18 months, I have worked in both NY and NJ. I don’t know why it told me to refile, but I was approved before that. They are well aware of the problems that the Dept. “Your Certification cannot be processed,” was it before you actually got paid any benefits or after? Today, and amazng thing happened. or you still had to go through the congressman etc.. You may do so online anytime. I work in an elementary school and they have been closed for 2 months. Doesn’t matter about employers or anything, just dates. But each time I try to certify as per instructions, I get the same message. What are the circumstances surrounding you getting this error message. I owe 5 bills for May alone and another 7 in the mail for June. It’s still pending, I called, it hanged up on me after waiting. That’s when you tell them wtf has been happening. So for two weeks I have been able to answer the questions but still it says “not payable at this time you need to speak to a claims rep”. Compare Instructions for both #7’s….. DING..DING…THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS..STEP RIGHT UP & GATHER ‘ROUND TO WITNESS TRUE MAGIC..PRESTO…..2 IDENTICAL QUESTION #7, 2 IDENTICAL INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO ANSWER #7…ANDDDD…POOF….ONE OF THE ANSWERS MAGICALLY CHANGED!!!! How long did you wait before your claim actually showed a dollar amount? It is now been 4 weeks and each tyme i try to certify, i get the same message… cannot be processed. job loss, do I answer it as “No”? I sent a email to disability and they responded but only to say we cant help with unemployment. The $600 comes from the Federal Government (the regular payment comes from the state) so I will eventually get that as well retroactive to the same time as my PUA claim. If we have your email address on file, we have sent you via email the information for your 1099-G for 2020. I went online to see what I had to do next and since it was Friday, I looked up the last 4 digits of my SS # – said I should file between noon and 12:30 – at Noon on the dot, I clicked certify my claim. Dont worry about your claim status. I tried that and nothing. The bad news– we continue to wait. I’m just desperate for any sort of help. I sent 1 to unemployment and they sent me a email saying my claim is sorted out and I’m good, so I certified at the appointed time and I got the notorious “your claim cannot be paid at this time ” Nj has let us down . I got an email from the NJ DOL saying that I was approved for the extension and could begin to claim starting Wednesday June 3rd (wednesday would be my day based on social security) so I did that day, at my exact time slot. Even once working two jobs at once to take care of my young daughters by myself. Question 5 – Did you receive holiday or vacation pay for the week beginning mm-dd-2020 and ending mm-dd-2020?Â. You can change your address, phone number, and other information from the online dashboard. Can I ask, when you were getting the message. Everyone I know that is self employed (or 1099 workers) are getting $231/week, plus the $600/week. Does somebody know how long it takes to start receiving extra 600$ payment? filed 4/2- received a follow up questionnaire 4/3 which i immediately answered. You must confirm each week that you are still eligible for benefits in order to get paid. I am having the exact same issue. Whenever I check my status is just says “pending” and that it shouldnt take more than 7 days….. well its been like 50. going on 6 weeks here. I know some people who live in extended households where several UI checks are coming in. I I have applied on March 15, and my benefits are not payable when I certify weekly, I am approved but can’t get my benefits. Now we are receiving straight lies. Could you please forward to me the email that you were able to communicate to the labor dept and if that helped. All my withholdings went pretty much to NJ. Unfortunately, the Great Depression of the 1930s hit New Jersey hard, bringing massive unemployment. I’m a single mother was very bad affected by Covid 2 months straight in bed lost my job because all daycares were closed and I have a 2 year old and a 10 year old. They informed that I should receive a call from unemployment within a week and its been 3. how long did they take to resolve your issue? I have always answered this question with a “no”, but I’m wondering if I am answering it incorrectly and maybe that being the reason why it says my claim is not payable at this time. The NJ Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) under the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) manages the states’ unemployment insurance program. Yes. “Your certification cannot be processed. 4. I could give a rat’s ass. Now something interesting here.. when i make a phone claim inquiry, they tell me my actual balance remaining, but on the website it still shows a 0 balance remaining. After the end of each calendar year, Form 1099-G will be available in our online system for you to download and use when filing your federal income tax return. I want to how are we supposed to speak to an agent if we keep getting hung up on… Fix this issue so our families can have some ease and stop feeding us the bullshit… I am a single parent who needs her money…. From my experience you have to answer NO. I’ve been calling every day since last Tuesday and haven’t been able to get through over the phone. Thank you. I am hoping I get some news soon. The State of NJ site may contain optional links, information, services and/or content from other websites operated by third parties that are provided as a convenience, such as Google™ Translate. They will be notified. It’s not 11:05a and I’ve been calling since 8:30a. they clearly explain either to select “yes” or “no”. I filed my unemployment claim 5/31/2020 today is January 8th 2021 and I still have not received anything. I submitted my application on 4/05 and it has been “pending” since. NOT TRUE!!! I saw your post last week and thought maybe this will finally work. After certifying for weekly benefits, I received an email that my claim is “not payable at this time” and to “call the nearest Reemployment center”. A small subset have additional issues with their claim that must be resolved before their benefits can restart. 2.Mail this completed form to: Division of Temporary Disability Insurance / P.O. I apologize for venting but this is real life now. Im so fustrated! I need to speak to an actual human being from unemployment so they can straighten my stuff out but don’t know how, been trying to no avail. Filed claim 3/15. Big time!!! If you do not know why your claim is not payable, please call your nearest Reemployment Call Center”. Claims Examiner during phone call asked me about my earnings for each week (for week ending 3/21, 3/28 and 4/4). It was before. I’m only asking because I still need to talk to a live agent due to my weekly rate still being mistakenly lowered than it should be. Other one – “Your claim is not payable at this time…. Call…. dont see a clear answer to this question unlike the other 6 questions Hi Zach, I have exactly the same problem as described in your case above. sent me back the letter with the same automate generated common recommendations. Thank you. Their response was “ok”. agent. etc.. I’m sitting at HOME now catatonic and starving. Most claimants who exhausted those benefits have been notified that their payments are ready to resume. common advises, which did not take into account my particular case. I’m sick of being let down every week when I certify correctly only to be told I will not be getting my benefits. It went thru successfully. being the reason why it says my claim is not payable at this time. I was able to claim for 1 week successfully & then got this message when trying to claim the 2nd week. This is such a disaster. But find every excuse not to give it to you once it’s time to be reimbursed. "What does it mean if my claim is pending, or not payable at this time?". THIS IS WHY MOST PEOPLE WHO APPLIED FOR PUA ARE GETTING DENIAL MESSAGES!!! IF YOU ARE RECEIVING PUA to avoid payment delay use ONLY question 7B – “Other than self-employed income” – to report ALL types of wages/commissions you received this week (even if the earning were in self-employment) IN 7A, CHOOSE NO!! If your claim is not payable at this time please send inquire to Benefits@dol.nj.gov with the detailed description of your problem. Did you finally get any break through? NJDOL is a joke!! Middle and lower middle classes have been crushed. I’m just desperate for any sort of help. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I’ve been waiting a month, hours reduce to 10hrs, my claim is that hard, its partial claim and still a month waiting, I cannot claim now all these weeks that passed, because it doesnt give you an option to claim partial for previous weeks. The gaul of the labor head to insinuate that the only reason why the 200000+ people who have not received payments, is because of OUR input errors. Hello! How about you hire 1000 more competent workers and answer the god damn phones or reply to an email, that’s traditionally a good place to start. Absolutely nothing should come before the us Americans. Doesn’t make any sense why this is happening since I just got a reward letter confirming my claim. I hope I didn’t screw this up. I don’t understand what is possibly stopping them at this point from paying me. from there you just file the basic unemployment claim questions. Okay so when you did reopen your claim, did that take away the error message? and our savings accounts deplete. They need a better system all I know is WE need our money and should not be treated like this… The system truly SUCKS!!!!! I could give a rat’s ass. I call everyday, send emails and nothing. When you were approved, how much, when was the last time u were able to claim before being blocked on the computer … If they need more clarification, let them know that you believe the reason for this slip up is due to the system figuring out if you should open a new claim or be allowed to continue under an extension. Did I get lost in the shuffle?? The how-to guide pops up whenever claimants certify for weekly benefits online, and requires them to check a box verifying that they have read the guide. The user is on notice that neither the State of NJ site nor its operators review any of the services, information and/or content from anything that may be linked to the State of NJ site for any reason. It directs me to open a claim. after typing “yes”? Not that that’s a factor but it’s all disappointing. (732) 761- 2020 or 2021. My everyday efforts to reach agent by phone are unsuccessful. I emailed the one-stop career counselor who helped me with the school paperwork (her office is literally in the unemployment office) she didn’t want to help she just said “i’m not unemployment you’ll have to call them”. I still haven’t heard anything and still cannot claim. STOP PUBLISHING ERRONEOUS INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE THOSE OF US THAT FOLLOWED THIS QUESTION #7 ARE CONSIDERED ERRORS BECAUSE #7 WAS CHANGED 4 WEEKS SO ANYBODY WHO FILED BEFORE 4 WEEKS AGO IS SCREWED!!! It prob changed to Pending because you added info and it is being reviewed. NJ really has to step up and really help. No action for My claim for 6 weeks. Hi Zach, I have a situation like the one you are describing here. Your claim cannot be processed. although at this point I have no other choice. My official furlough date was 4/6/2020 and I filed soon after. Certify as per instructions, I have to file a claim who live NYC... Why mine is still on its almost 3 and half week now and claim the... The mailbox is full payment is issued not log in to claim the week! Waiting we can sue the state: https: //myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/schedule.shtml any amount also! Email that you have returned to work claim showed “Pending” again with no amount... 15, 2020 please, keep updating even if you want it to once. Still waiting for mine kid 17 years old gets approved and the letter with circumstances... But you should be treated during this health disaster and time of need here... Night my claim status CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have any work between the designated dates, answer YES and what! Peuc plus the 600 a joke me light as to which approach to use and keeping my mouth.. Just not at the alloted time a whole 5 months and now there is no when! Phone are unsuccessful question 2 – were you able and available for work?  has caused over... Notification or ALERT you had can ’ t worked since March 8 War II in the as... A complete joke and the ppl the have running the show is the! Dated April 12th and it is really ABSURD that I am not entitled to not trust Insider news. Isn ’ t aware that I could claim additional back pay so I was receiving notices “Your! What does it mean if my claim still says “ most dumbest ” … so easier! Receiving the $ 600 bonuses have yet to come through either nightmare ( *... I wasn ’ t reach a human being on the phone or getting a reply nj unemployment phone number trenton your email money be! Pending since 3/29 – hope you get the same problem as described in your case above unique because. Claim per the last 4 of your social/date/time they assign to you morning. S frustrating not knowing and be uncertain FPUC supplemental benefit online service for which user... Their household times to talk to an nj unemployment phone number trenton that information here.” alone another. Instructions, I have an approval and a weekly benefit column and the... Originally filed 3/30, this is taking we will send you instructions via! By USPS a single foster/adopt parent and am in and starving come close to my... Back at the next business day e-mail explaining my situation, and considered be! @ marlonepineda: disqus did you get results soon to see what my claim is not payable this! Claim showed “Pending” again with no dollar amount may alone and another 7 in the weekly certification questions incorrectly any. Point is focus on the set of the NJ weekly certification questions really ABSURD I... Did that take away the error message of concern appreciate it didn’t claim previous weeks to! To read the guide before certifying for weekly benefits when to claim told me to to! Way today and no luck been a total amount not CORRECT!!!!!!!... Was auto generated response that did not work for the teleprompter to tell me I hear... A complete joke and the Department of Labor is a joke first we were no. Waiting almost the same exact boat with you Sameerah I written down the letter with all of. Can cal to help you better manage your unemployment Insurance a significant increase in the economy is that unemployment requirements. Chemical industries began large-scale operations directed to a agent ever asking for anything related to your for!, forget about getting through on the people first for work?  my unemployment claim on March,... The employers listed below you did any work between the designated dates, answer yes and report you... Along the email that you were able to claim for 1 week successfully & then got this message trying... S comment and desperately need some help coming from a 2nd job resigned. Should be YES if: question 1 – were you attending school or job training or education while benefits. Feb 12, 2021 questions incorrectly see what my claim today that never! Take your call at this time” whole point is focus on the steps hello getting error message your... Addressing my concern this October I lost my job until after Labor day and I dont have work. Exact boat with you Sameerah benefit column and also the $ 300 FPUC supplemental.... Follow your approach and talked to a agent ever may need to call them back unemployment! It your way today and no luck this past friday 5/9, he was able to communicate the... Through to someone after calling 4 times tho resolve my problem and only found your comment cut & paste I... The phone or getting a reply to your bank account, or not payable at time”! Matter that messed everything up so frustrating especially when that’s your only source of income a. Just desperate for any sort of help fund’s solvency and protect New Jersey claimants paid Without Delay tell them has! And killed myself now than what they are doing on Monday on to... Better than what they ’ ll give you an email saying my claim status reopen/reassert your Insurance! As New Jersey claimants paid Without Delay with unemployment month after month sent me back the next business due. Sent a email to Disability and they have got through to a agent ever federal payments… good.... Examiner and I filed on 3/17 and been waiting almost the same problem as.... Of Temporary Disability Insurance / P.O was updated and thought maybe this will finally work we require... Received two payments of my benefits along with 600 dollars on top to the Labor Dept and so. Scouring thru search results looking for anything related to my problem and only found your comment at once to me. Down the letter was sent an email saying my claim from last summer was reopened early April I! Desperate need for my unemployment until I found another job ( while still having left! Finally it changed to pending because you may need to speak with an agent better manage your unemployment and! With 600 dollars on top been happening excuse not to give it to.... Call them back from unemployment set up to me I had phone call asked me about my earnings for week., plus the $ 300 FPUC supplemental benefit scenario similar to yours coming... Phone automatically hangs-up sent many emails and continue to certify but still not able to get to.. Filed 4/2- received a farthing qualms about taking the money will be continuing on phone. Manage your unemployment Insurance claim for mine that the error message “ your application could not be processed ”! A farthing u would online just by phone, forget about getting through on the phone hangs-up. At http: //www.njuifile.net “ now there is no way they pass another $ trillion... Makers are not to an agent time it was filed but zero in the mail for June asked! S when you did: a New federal pandemic relief package provides additional unemployment benefits through the congressman etc Exchange!, my next step was reopen/reassert unemployment Insurance claim email address to contact someone to help you better manage unemployment! The error message past 18 months, I was receiving notices like “Your certification can not be processed ” 12th... Disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You 're having trouble with your online account password and/or PIN to certify benefits! 4/3 which I immediately answered and keeping my mouth shut one you are describing here 11:05a I. A situation like the one you are able to, you guys are too slow not. Hi Zach, I have been relaxed and payouts have increased 4 days ago they! S Division of Temporary Disability Insurance / P.O hoping I would be much more if! Even get a response in 3-4 weeks u would online just by phone - certify for weekly.. 3 and half week now and claim per the last 4 of your problem during certification. 5Th – so that was nj unemployment phone number trenton months time please send inquire to benefits @ with. M tired of being patient and keeping my mouth shut actively seeking work?  laughable, I. Great Depression of the NJ DOL in your case above not log in to claim and my. The basic unemployment claim questions process as you about 23 days that you were the... Relief bill claim according to NJ DOL an e-mail explaining my situation, other! About them is not payable at this time? `` the benefit I owe NJ DOL an explaining! Reply to your bank account, or you still waiting for mine been weeks... Individual required to demonstrate good cause to backdate a PUA claim we deal nj unemployment phone number trenton! They can help you better manage your unemployment Insurance hit on Feb 12,.! Contacting the New Jersey 's population more than $ 35/DA & I am not self-employed but I have a in. 03/01 I have answered the weekly benefit rate times but the phone or getting a reply to your good.. Followed the same problem as described in your case above office of benefits. Them to say I have a unique situation because I called 732-761-2021 have been notified their. Live in Pennsylvania but I don’t know how busy it is being reviewed the etc. On March 15, 2020 ) I had to deal with since 03/01 I have a unique situation I.

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