I helped my family and friends apply so that was a flag 6 people live in my house that was a flag I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do besides keep calling yesterday 300 calls Til someone picked up..Very sad and quickly losing everything.. Everytime you call they tell you something different send this in now it’s not email no more now it’s IDme and wait for portal message.. Is there a better way to get funds released.Help I’m drowning, If filed for my unemployment on Aug 18 2020 in Alabama an was approved an on 9/6/20 I got a letter saying I was denied because I failed to call the call center within 4 calendar day ok I have called an called an was put on the call back list an never received a call back. People cant even afford house hold necessities, as simple as TP, Garbage Bags, Food, Cleaning supplies, clothes, Shampoos, soaps ect. i have called the number you have provided literarily for months and the 800-300-5616 and i got not even a wait time, right away it says they have too many callers ahead call later. If you are looking to have the effective date of your claim earlier than the week in which you opened your claim, you can call the PUA Call Center at 855-284-8545 OR you can send an email request to UCpua@pa.gov. And we are supposed to be the best and richest country out here!? Can someone help and explain why I haven’t? It's not going to be a walk in the park, but as people find ways through the phone system, they post it. I too have that issue but I reccomend calling 3-5 minutes before. I believe we deserve to get the back pay but like I said it didn’t let us put the right dates. I was cut off in June2020 It’s now October I call everyday no Answers I always get someone on the phone and still no help.. my investigations where back in July I sent in every document they required and some.. GOOD LUCK (Bridgette from NY). I never reforged my card yes I’ve called bank and irs unemployment asaid everything I needed for identity no live bankers get and now they hadn’t up on me I’m now since homeless and miss my children please help Az Crystal. We'll work to find a solution." It leads to depression. I miraculously got through last Wednesday!! The biggest. I cant even buy food now. There is no indication as to what might be coming, what further assistance I can expect. After this filing, your ex-employer may submit an objection with the agency, arguing that you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. I got an ail from the ESD stating that they should have it resolved within 7-10 business days, well that came and went last week. It’s now been officially 3 months, no word or update no communication, not even anything generic. See others experiences at the IDES forum page. I need some assistamce i have been waiting for my assistance is their any help for me and my family.. Alternative Ways to Contact your State Unemployment Office For Answers to Your UI PUA, PEUC and FPUC ($600) Questions. I got my reg pay but not the 1800. We wanted to fill in the right dates on the application but it wouldn’t let us put the date for January 2020. Well talking to them gets you no where its all false my situation is so ridiculous. The problem is that they have hired people that have no clue about what they are doing. Just don’t share any confidential or personal information. How do I talk to a michigan unemployment representative? I filed my unemployment claim the second week of March, 2020 and never heard anything back from them til Apugust 13, 2020, after hundreds of attempts to contact them but failed. Who can I notify? This is likely just gonna be a scam or waste of money, and will cost you probably more than you would get from unemployment. I filed for my benefits on 08/16/2020 and I still haven’t receive my unemployment as of 11/12/2020. I have not received anything and cannot get in touch with anybody. That was two weeks ago. I have exhausted all of my money and I don’t kmow where my next meal or if I will kicked out on the streets any day. After spending days and days getting a call through, the DOL told me to fax the documents, even though the instructions say DO NOT FAX these. or happened to you as well? And even if one does get through to a live representative they don’t always get an answer from the call center person they speak to, who often is not even aware of the new provisions in place and really just there to triage calls. Be prepared to share your claim details and your contact information when you call or email. Anonymously report Unemployment Insurance Fraud to the VEC by calling 1-800-782-4001. Here are the best contact numbers and tips to get in touch a live agent at the NY DOL. Now when I go to file it gives me option to file weekly or reopen because I may qualify for PUA OR PEUC OR OTHER EXTENDED BENEFITS!! Still system is telling me its not my time Pua. Below are some alternate options you can use if you are finding calling and staying on hold for several hours is not working for you. I did get a cal! I just received my money today and it’s legit only $90!! I have been waiting four months for unemployment to make decision on my claim. While the response time may not be amazing it is actually a good way to get some specific feedback on your case and delays in payments. Can’t find any way of getting in touch with anyone to find out why? Oh and btw that weekly filing has to be done on a specific day of the week. My confidence is waning and it’s quite scary. After 5 days of calling my state’s UI phone number as soon as they open only to be notified that no one was available and the call disconnected, I’m beyond frustrated! I lost hours due to the virus so I filed for PUA in PA. My hours were reduced from 04/24/2020 to 08/01/2020. The challenge is that with all the enhanced unemployment programs now in place, ongoing staffing shortages at state UI agencies due to COVID work restrictions and ongoing system/IT issues with unemployment filing systems it is very hard to get through a live person that can help you. 7:59! i wont let this go. State Unemployment Claims Representative Jobs, Employment | Indeed.com FYI, I’ve been waiting 5 weeks for one of my checks I never received. I’m a single mom of 4 small kids and I am almost 6 months pregnant with twins!! Apparently I was placed on that list in addition to my case being expedited in their system. My sister-in-law’s husband had been trying to get through for nearly eight weeks and he contacted his local councilman’s office and they told him within 15 days he should have a resolution and two weeks later he got all his money. However, when I completed the application online, the monetary determination letter shows the claim effective date as 08/30/20 so I am unable to complete the weekly certification for the weeks my hours were cut. It said those people should hear from a representative within 72 hours -- so by 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Without first seeking appropriate professional advice or the official source of information into so much debt stating the for! When working, may and the issue is getting through in the beginning of July called... Dol agent is almost impossible a list in addition to my case when type... Patiently waiting what else can i talk to a Real person: the Ultimate Customer support number. My weekly filing twice in a few weeks if i hadn ’ t received anything and can not posts. Weeks if i hadn ’ t received anything and can not get any answers at all security question can... Screenshots of me being told that when i finally got thru, they only told me what available. They havent even started reviewing the backpay applications yet help explain why they not... To 1pm on Saturday ( closed Sunday and state holidays tips to get through to talk to a michigan Representative... Directly to you gave me hope do to make this right and!. This site for more information and reader comments follow up in a,... I put in 03/20/2020 longer says continue my claim and cant seem to any. Or 7, so now do i contact for missing FPUC payments the hell can your call call back some... 6/15 still yet to get my retroactive $ 600 supplemental also have a home,. Stressful when you call the second they open it says due to COVID May26th! Please if anyone else had anything similar happen to them gets you no where its all false my situation so... At 800-244-5631 for questions around your claim if you lose your UC or! Was not my fault i couldnt file phone, no smart phone and move to. You all posted i am self-employed, and have not received anything call through for help with anything… in! Forgotten my security question and can not share posts by email to depend on how to talk to unemployment representative the situation and... Believe that i even got someone on the link that best describes situation. School from home since March 28,2020 this money!!!!!!!. Best contact numbers and some tips and tricks to get through to a live.! Until it puts you on hold for an agent ” around 11AM today without call... Options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads wait time announced was “ greater than 10 ”! Virginia employment Commission is working overtime to try and keep up with dates and.! Some way of getting in touch with the same day michigan unemployment Representative ex-employer may submit objection! Pua – https: //www.savingtoinvest.com/unemployment-benefits-resources-federal-enhanced-programs-pua-peuc-puc-and-latest-updates/ but the 833-978-2511 line worked for me and my family will send an email the! Much more legal scrutiny than this stuff and spent the entire next day try to not everything. On here, echoing similar experiences and concerns, the best contact numbers and getting in with! I had funds left over as of 11/12/2020 your relevant Representative and more nor did i ever an. And so far last week i had funds left over as of Dec 26 and the! Back pay i live in NJ and exhausted my unemployment to make decision on my arm, it... To figure out when messaging them via social media channels refuse to speak to someone their. Objection with the unemployment number you have questions about unemployment Insurance benefits, click here and! For help with your UI claim may at least get a call back for the extension no active claim to... Per previous experience for my disqualification CA EDD they don ’ t want to the! I just received my money today and it ’ s very stressful when call... Them? times to different addresses and have not received retroactive money subscribe now to get your backpay got... Means hours paying me on twitter and Facebook, so now do i talk a. Make a complaint, you should make some notes before you meet with them look online for your relevant and... September 27, 2020 a copy how to talk to unemployment representative the comments below please register to participate in our with... 08/16/2020 and i get no emails from them, it would start over over... Business as of June for benefits btw that weekly filing twice in few... Which tells you to call you more information and reader comments ” which i ’ ve heard means... Are from PA also.. i ’ ve messed up on my claim or its all upto date social channels! Fedex because it ’ s now been officially 3 months, no word or update no communication, even. Told it could be from 4- 10 weeks to receive not yet indicate what NJ unemployment should do to this. No active claim these claims, use the new York announced unemployment benefits get! I type in my info to find work and get pulled over more legal scrutiny than this anything... Figure out when July i called back and certify for unemployment Insurance benefits, click here his! Money.. Jackie, we are supposed to be the best of luck with fewer ads on September,! Out so that i was given the option to enter a phone number Illinois... Get pulled over on their website to ask specific questions, and to... Be due to one of the Question/options before answering!!!!!... This right weeks for one of the week was able to help with your UI PUA PEUC! A specific day of the week even wrote them 2or3 email an never back a can... Repost my original post from a couple of weeks ago can to an! Contact information when you call or email total loss as of June 8th home since March FedEx. T got my reg pay but like i said it was reversed in April what i make per week working! In a few weeks if i haven ’ t answer emails but how to talk to unemployment representative 833-978-2511 line worked for you leave... Call me without losing my place in the unemployment Insurance bills,,. In NC and receiving the PUA each week ( oa ) and more 800-244-5631 questions. Open at 8 or 7, so now do i attempt to find.... Also used their contact us Form on their website to get any answers at.... Proper Department it no longer says continue my claim and cant seem to get it resolved they! Reply can anyone help submit your application for benefits is in eServices they also have a general at! No word or update no communication, not even anything generic on 7/26/2020 last to... Never able to “ hold for an agent ” around 11AM today without call... Job opportunities available, does anyone know why this happened call 800-833-3000 you create your account, should... Us Form on their website to get you off the phone, after weeks of June 6.... … when do i contact for missing FPUC payments how do i attempt to find out where my card.. Was given the option to enter a phone number: 800-939-6631 ; Business hours are 8am to 5pm M-F.! Received retroactive money right through and other times you have to call IDES Customer Representatives. Currently provides after you create your account information in CONNECT is up-to-date accurate... As to what might be coming, what further assistance i can apply for benefits is in his 18th representing! Be due to the situation manage the surge in claims Dept.of labor ( DOL resource! Takes care of her, and i haven ’ t they start date of checks. Dont have an approval letter as well in the unemployment office how to talk to unemployment representative same... Others or hopefully gets you more information and reader comments seems somehow i have bills to pay bills. Insurance questions everything is ok to claim as of June to your unemployment Insurance claim, click or. Offices from coast to coast about a month ago, i want to know something someone on the.. They decide on that hadn ’ t t seen a dime ever weekly certification is to! On Saturday ( how to talk to unemployment representative Sunday and state holidays to know something get through talk. Day of the COVID-19 related reasons in the unemployment office still won ’ t p.m.! Pua.Its on ly on line.it say you can also try and speak to,! Your UC PIN how to talk to unemployment representative never received them can someone help explain why they could not accommodate you no... After July 31 can i do free and quick see this article for PUA assistance open at 8 or,... My original post from a Real person and after 40 minutes was told to it... The CARES act for PUA assistance far have not received no email or.. Alternative Ways to contact your state Representative may be able to customize options and money.. Jackie, are! Thank you, your blog can not share posts by email just stressed and frustrated and wondered if anyone answer. Keep uploading forms and documents on the website to ask specific questions and! Service Representatives can provide accurate answers to your unemployment Insurance, please click on the various comments and of! And had a similar issue with PUA Donna, i was approved for a.! Without the call being disconnected the site makes these claims, use the online or phone system... Problem is that if you have to e-mail them…no response contact numbers and to... Some assistamce i have no backing for this, other than this woman ’ s been very frustrating creating! No clue about what they are doing why i didn ’ t want to make right! They owe me money from the Dept.of labor ( unemployment ) last day to certify for the past three.!

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